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GDPR For Nerds

GDPR For Nerds

Here are some additional resources for the "GDPR for Nerds" talk I gave at Loadays.

Here are some resources:

  • You can find the presentation on Speakerdeck

  • The talk was recorded, so I hope the video will be available in a few days or weeks

  • You can find a searchable and "browser friendly" version of the GDPR at GDPR-info.eu

  • We discussed a case of a local doctor and his/her needs to appoint a DPO. As mentioned on my slides, the GDPR requires "large scale" processing to appoint a DPO. I don't feel the processing activities of single doctor would qualify as "large scale", but a clinic or hospital would. It seems this exact example is used by the EU and the confirm my interpretation

Some people asked me some specific questions about their use cases. I will do some research into those and will update this page later...

Thank you for attending my talk at Loadays, it was a great to be at a (not so) Small and (more or less) Local pure-tech conference again.