GDPR For Nerds

GDPR For Nerds

Here are some additional resources for the "GDPR for Nerds" talk I gave at Loadays.

Here are some resources:

  • You can find the presentation on Speakerdeck

  • The talk was recorded, so I hope the video will be available in a few days or weeks

  • You can find a searchable and "browser friendly" version of the GDPR at

  • We discussed a case of a local doctor and his/her needs to appoint a DPO. As mentioned on my slides, the GDPR requires "large scale" processing to appoint a DPO. I don't feel the processing activities of single doctor would qualify as "large scale", but a clinic or hospital would. It seems this exact example is used by the EU and the confirm my interpretation

Some people asked me some specific questions about their use cases. I will do some research into those and will update this page later...

Thank you for attending my talk at Loadays, it was a great to be at a (not so) Small and (more or less) Local pure-tech conference again.

Frank Louwers

Frank Louwers

Ondernemer. Techneut. Zeiler (te weinig). Skiier (te weinig). Verzuchter (soms te veel). Vader (zoveel mogelijk) van 2. Momenteel bezig met crypto en GDPR. Profielfoto (c) Leen Van Severen

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